Delighted Natalie Carney celebrates passing her GCSE maths and science

Don’t wait for GCSE results day! Apply for your course today

Delighted Natalie Carney celebrates passing her GCSE maths and scienceSo you finished your GCSEs and you’re anxiously awaiting your results. Unfortunately, worry won’t do anything to change your results, but you can take some important steps towards what happens AFTER you get those all-important grades.  

Government changes implemented in 2015 mean that all young people need to stay in some form of education, training or employment with training until they’re 18-years-old – so it’s important that, whatever your results, you have plans in place for your next steps.

Let’s talk about some of the options available to you as a school leaver:

A Levels
Thinking about university? A Levels are the usual route in. Taking two years to complete, A Levels are mostly academic – and will include plenty of theory, coursework and exams. Did you know we have the most A Level graduates in Mansfield? West Notts offers 16 A Level subjects, from accounting to sociology; traditional subjects including maths, English and the sciences, to more exclusive subjects which you might not find at sixth form! You’ll find a full list of our A Level courses here.

Tip: Make sure you choose your A Levels based on what you plan to do in future! Some university courses require specific subjects in order for you to apply.

Vocational courses
If you’re more hands on you may benefit from a vocational course. Vocational courses including NVQs and BTECs are designed to give you training and skills in specific industries. If you know which sector you’d like to work in (or even if you don’t) these courses will help you to become work-ready and valuable to employers. West Notts has hundreds of options for vocational courses from entry level right the way to university-level, in subjects including business, childcare, construction, creative arts, engineering, sport, and more. You’ll find our full offer on our website.

Tip: You don’t have to wait until you’ve received your GCSE results before you can apply to college. If you know what you’re looking to do, apply for a course today.

If you feel as though you’re ready for the working world – why not try an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships let you learn on-the-job; you’ll gain qualifications and earn a weekly wage too! Apprenticeships come in three levels
Did you know the college offers apprenticeships through its subsidiary company Vision Apprentices? You can apply for an apprenticeship at any time, and we have live vacancies across the country ready to apply for right now. Visit for more information.

Tip: Find out more about apprenticeships from apprentices themselves on our blog!

Not sure what to do next?
If you’re still deciding what the right path for you is, why not speak to the college’s careers and employability team? They’re here to help with any query, no matter how big or small, and can offer impartial advice to help you decide on your next steps after GCSEs.

Adult learner?
Adult learners who have recently completed their GCSEs may be looking to get onto the path towards Higher Education. Have you thought about an Access to HE course? The college offers seven Access to HE courses including business, humanities and social science, nursing, social work, sport, and teacher training. These high-impact, one-year courses get you ready for university quickly. You can find out more here.

Whatever your results, whether you’ve done better than expected, or not as well as you’d hoped – you can talk to us and we can help you to work towards your goals. Call our advisors on Freephone 0808 100 3626 and stay on track for September!

We wish everyone good luck in their GCSE results, why not let us know how you did on our Facebook and Twitter pages? 

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